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Me at the Easel

My Practice

I am Melissa, a self-taught artist on a journey. Historically my practice has consisted mainly of abstract acrylic and mixed media pieces inspired by the colors of nature, supplemented with watercolor and digital illustration work. Recently, I've found a lot of joy in creating small, brightly colored gouache paintings of snack food, and creating fun emotes for Twitch streamers. I guess you could say I've got my fingers in a lot of pies. I am from the East Coast, but I work out of my home studio in Southern California where I am constantly inspired by the stunning landscapes. My greatest goal in my art practice is to be authentic in the face of changing algorithms, social media pressures, lost entry fees and rejections, and trendy conformity. I hope that all of my experimentation in art leads me one day to my true authentic self. Every day is a step on that journey.

My Self

I love reading, hiking, going on long walks, eating food that is bad for me, tending to my plants both real and in Stardew Valley, super bright cartoony colors (Adventure Time), subdued moody colors (Andrew Wyeth), clean design coffee shops, knitting and crocheting, nostalgia, birds, handmade jewelry especially with moonstone, and cats- specifically Mustard who is my cat and also the best cat ever.

I was raised on the East Coast and lived in Washington, DC until June of 2020 when I relocated to Orange County, California to join my boyfriend, Kyle. One day I hope we will live in the mountains where I can have a massive garden and many animals. Kyle y yo estamos aprendiendo español y esperamos visitar españa en el futuro. Espero vivir allí algún día... For more about me, check out my blog which I update occasionally.

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Me in my messy easel area