Mesquite Spring (The Other Coast)

Mesquite Spring (The Other Coast)

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One of my favorites from this series. We spent an ill-prepared weekend in Death Valley during which time none of us died. What a comedy of errors this trip turned out to be. It was a relatively spur-of-the-moment trip to meet up with some of Kyle's old roommates. I did not realize the drive would take around 7 hours with the most insane traffic I've ever sat in, during which tensions ran plenty high between the two of us as my navigation skills continued to fail us and our patience drained at an alarming rate. Earlier in the week, we'd hurriedly purchased a cheap two-person tent, which was where we started to go wrong. Kyle is 6'5"... at minimum we should've purchased a 4-sleeper, but we had pushed the task to the last minute and visited multiple stores before settling on the best we could do. We also brought the canopy tent I use for markets. We packed the canopy tent into the car, forgetting the actual canopy and not realizing we'd done so until we unfolded the metal frame in the sands of Death Valley. We had food and water, luckily enough. But I'd left my hiking shoes, for some reason thinking that Kyle would pack them along with my phone charger. Neither things ended up packed. I don't know what my logic was with that one. I think depression. When we finally arrived, there was no light to see the campsites with so we couldn't find our friends, the wind whipped through the campsite as we tried to peg our two-person tent into the rocky ground, I left my phone in the bathroom facilities and had to walk all the way back in the dark for it, neither of us slept because it was freezing and the tent's wind flap was not tightly secured no matter how hard we tried to get it to stop smacking against the sides of the tent. Add to that the fact that we were already upset and irritated due to the traffic we'd sat in for hours. It was a rough night.
The next morning we located our friends, realized we'd forgotten the canopy to the shade shelter, I realized I'd forgotten my shoes, one of the guys ended up with a migraine, my period arrived 3 days early without warning and as an onslaught while I had very limited supplies and only white shorts.
We sat under the two shade canopies that a friend brought. Snacked on Triscuits and cheese and just let the day pass. I took some photos and tried to appreciate the landscape. I didn't expect the desert to be so full of color. As the sun changed positions in the sky, the mountains took on new shapes and colors. That night, we left the wind flap off the tent and layered up to watch the night sky. It was beautiful, and we slept well (the next morning when packing up the tent I found that I'd been sleeping on a large rock).
I named this painting after the campsite where we stayed, but an alternate and fitting title would be "Near-Death Valley" for how well prepared we were for this trip. I loved it anyway and can't wait to go back with a bigger tent and sneakers.

30"x40" acrylic on canvas

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