Warm Rage (The Other Coast)

Warm Rage (The Other Coast)

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Inspired by California's famous wildfires. My first experience with wildfire was the fallout of the infamous gender-reveal El Dorado wildfire. In Orange County we didn't get the same severity of dystopia that San Francisco or even LA got, but it was still super spooky. We'd had the windows open that night and in the morning we were both coughing from the smoke. I closed all the windows but still smoke crept in through the cracks beneath the door. Mustard wasn't happy because I wouldn't let him outside (this was back during his brief stint as an outdoor cat, he's now back inside for good) and everything was shut up.It was wild. The smell was unpleasant, like no smoke I've smelled before. Like a campfire but chemical-y. Of course I was scared, but Kyle as always was level-headed and calm. Old hat at this point. Later in the year there was a smaller wildfire about 5 miles from us that was luckily contained in a few days despite high winds. Scary. The weather is getting warm so I'm sure we'll start experiencing these fires here again soon.

40"x30" acrylic on canvas

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